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Why Stage Your Home?

Value of staging


Not only can staging help seal the deal when a buyer is inspecting a home, it can also get that buyer to visit the home in the first place.


"Twenty years ago, people would drive by properties and read the paper and read ads and have to go look at them. Now 90 percent are looking on the Internet before they even get a real estate agent to show them homes. So if you don't have amazing pictures of your property, people move that property to the 'I'm not going to even bother going to see the home' list," Schwarz said.


RESA (Real Estate Staging Association)


In a 2011 poll, RESA reports that Staged (or marketable) homes sell faster and for more money!  A 78% reduction of days on market was realized for homes that were properly presented up front. 

How Making your home marketle from day one can increase traffic for a quicker sale. 

Ask your Home Marketing Design Specialist to calculate your Home Staging Savings through the iPhone App.




You only get one chance to make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION